Covid19 another artificial product made by Wuhan

Wuhan the official maker/manufacturer of artificial food products like rice grain made from plastic, injecting a liquid chemical to a thin and tiny double dead dressed Chicken to make them look fresh, big and finally to weight three times bigger  as well as their money multiplied by threes, plastic eggs and a lot more… That’s their trademark as we know all over the world.  For so long we are asking if this is a humanitarian act? Do they have a heart, a conscience, a soul perhaps?  Why they are these kind of people who don’t even care? Maybe because of their own language?

Then here comes… Covid 19 which originated from Wuhan is this another artificial product made by Wuhan?Another Wuhan product that will surely bring them more income in the most heartless and dirty way with a sure income!

It was as early as 28th of January 2020 when all residents singing their National Anthem and chanting “Keep it up, Wuhan!”

Is it another promotional tactics in endorsing their upcoming newly developed artificial products? Just to make sure that the whole world would buy this upcoming products of Wuhan?

Yes it was patronised by individuals people in all walks of life? Whether they want it or not giving them no options at all. Whether Famous, celebrities, billionaires, millionaires, poor no matter what’s your status are, but bottom line… mostly affected are people who have a weak immune system, it’s like sorting of  good and high quality products separating the strong to weak by means of death! Yes we are talking about human being here and these special artificial product from Wuhan are killing more than 1 million people around the world, what a great invention made from Wuhan?

Vaccine according to them still not available however the most reliable testing kits are all made in China!


W – Where

U – Uncontrolled

H – Humanity

A – Abolishment

N – Needed

Is this just for the Power and Money!